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Smultring Oslo #2 Doughnut Economics

How to apply Doughnut Economics to Clean Contruction and City Planning. Webinar with Kate Raworth and cases from Oslo and Amsterdam.

There is an immediate need to solve the climate crisis in a socially responsible way, as well as ensuring a green and just recovery for everyone after the pandemic. City planners, builders and real estate owners will have a huge impact on this, by implementing climate and sociable considerations in their decisions today and forward. The doughnut model is a practical approach to this way of thinking, and a fast growing number of cities are exploring ways of implementing this. There is still a great need for understanding the model, and to share experiences on practical approaches.

This webinar focuses on understanding the core model with specific focus on construction and city planning, and will share some examples from Amsterdam and Oslo.

  • Kate Raworth (Author of the book Doughnut Economics, and founder of the model)
    Kate will give us a presentation of the Doughnut Economics, including examples from Clean Construction and City Planning.
  • Ilektra Kouloumpi (Senior Strategist at Circle Economy in Amsterdam. Advisors to the city of Amsterdam in developing their Doughnut Economics strategy)
    Ilektra will talk about how the city of Amsterdam has adopted the Doughnut model, and what it means for the urban planning, construction and real estate development sector.
  • Marie Indrelid Winsvold (Sustainability Director at HAV Eiendom in Oslo)
    Marie will talk about Oslos concrete harbour project where the Doughnut Economics model has been at the core of the strategy.
  • Q&A Session

Smultring Oslo» is a series of four webinars on how the construction and real estate industry can reduce climate emissions. Presented by OMA, Construction City, C40 Oslo, FutureBuilt and the climate authorities in Oslo municipality.