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Our senses are sharpened by changes in the areas that surronds us

Aspelin Ramm is a sound and responsible developer of urban spaces and properties. Our mission is to create attractive urban environments. We want the buildings themselves and the spaces between them to form valuable elements in the landscape and the urban picture. Our goal of reducing energy consumption is achieved by building better and by facilitating sharing.


Our vision is to be the leading urban developer

At present, our focus is on the final development of Nydalen. This is an area in Oslo where close to 30 000 people work, live and study. Being one of the largest urban development projects in Norway, it has provided us with a solid foundation for environmentally focused practices and solutions. Project development is a dedicated business area in Avantor, and we have deep knowledge in areas like urban planning, infrastructure planning, projecting and construction. We have been responsible for all development in Nydalen the last 25 years, adding up to approximately 600 000 sqm. of new buildings and rehab projects.


Norway’s largest financial services group

Offers a full range of financial services, including loans, savings, advisory services, insurance and pension products.

DNB REIM – manages private properties with a total value of NOK 34 bn. and 1.3 million square meters in Norway and Sweden. DNB Scandinavian Property Fund is an open ended core fund with 51% co- investment by General Partner, DNB Life, targeting Norway and Sweden.

DNB Markets – a full-scale investment bank offering all investment banking services with a dedicated and experienced real estate team.
DNB Næringsmegling (Commercial Real Estate Brokerage) – Leading adviser within commercial property services – brokerage, acquisition assistance, market analyses and appraisals.

DNB Real Estate & Construction – Offers optimal solutions in project financing, long-term real estate financing and capital raising/counseling.


Entra is one of Norway’s leading real estate companies

We are an Industry leader in developing and managing energy efficient buildings. Our portfolio consists of flexible and environmentally friendly, high-quality office buildings in central locations.


Fredensborg is a real estate company with housing and holiday home as a product, Europe as a market and private individuals in focus.

Fredensborg is an active, industrial and value-based owner with a long-term horizon. We strive to choose good and long-term solutions for people and investments.


Höegh Eiendom is a family-owned property company which owns, develops and manages properties in Oslo and in central Eastern Norway

Höegh Eiendom is both a place developer and a long-term lessor and manager of commercial properties. In developing our buildings and places the people who will live, work and pass through these buildings and areas are our primary focus and high priority is given to the quality of the architecture and the streetscape. These buildings will still be there long after we have gone and the way in which they are interlinked at street level should create a sense of wellbeing in the people who use the area.

Our requirements as to sustainability in development and built environment are strict – safeguarding the best interests of the users of today and tomorrow.


Mustad Eiendom er et solid familieeid selskap lokalisert i Lysakerbyen

Vi har vårt utspring fra industriselskapet O. Mustad & Søn etablert i 1832, og har siden 1997 vært et selvstendig konsern som har arbeidet med eiendomsutvikling.

Gjennom aktiv byutvikling de siste 20 årene har vi opparbeidet en betydelig og allsidig eiendomsportefølje på begge sider av Lysakerelven. Mustad Eiendom forvalter 330 000 m2 næringseiendom


OBOS is Norway’s largest housing developer

OBOS is a cooperative building association owned by its 400 000 members. In 2015 OBOS sold a total of 3 903 new homes, 1 908 of which were in Norway and 1,524 in Sweden. The company has built up a substantial amount of equity, with a value adjusted equity of EUR 2 201 million and a profit before tax of EUR 260 million in 2015. OBOS has sound experience in complex transformation projects, having built attractive residential environments in combination with industrial projects such as hotels and shopping centres, as well.


The Green landlord

Oslo Areal AS is one of the leading commercial real estate companies in Norway with a portfolio of approximately 266,000 m².

Oslo Areal AS is owned 50/50 by the Norwegian insurance company Gjensidige Forsikring ASA and the Swedish pension company AMF Pensionsförsäkring. Oslo Areal AS owns, manages and develops the owners’ property investments in Norway.

Oslo Areal’s goal is to be an environmentally conscious landlord for current and future tenants.


Our vision is to develop Bjørvika to become Norway’s most attractive commercial and residential area

OSU will develop approximately 380 000 of the total 900 000 square meters planned for Bjørvika in Oslo.

OSU is currently finalizing the development of Barcode – The new Oslo skyline. From being a company that has largely been profiled as a provider of unique office space, OSU will become a major developer of housing in the new development area in Bjørvika. OSU is owned by Entra Eiendom AS, BANE Nor Eiendom AS and Linstow AS with 1/3 each.


Selvaag Bolig ASA is a residential property developer

Selvaag Bolig ASA is a residential property developer controlling the entire value chain from acquisition of land to sale of homes. The company has several thousand homes under development at any given time, and focuses on the growth areas in and around Greater Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim.

Selvaag Bolig represents a continuation of Selvaag’s 60-year history and experience, and offers a broad variety of property types marketed under the brand names Start, Hjem and Pluss.


Skanska is one of the world’s leading project development and construction groups. Our operations are in Construction, Residential Development, Commercial Property Development and Infrastructure Development. We develop and build for a sustainable future with the ultimate goal of improving our society and people’s lives.

Skanska Commercial Development Norway initiate, develop, lease and divest commercial property projects with focus on office buildings in Oslo. We provide workplace solutions that are sustainable and efficient while at the same time offering comfort, flexibility and a healthy working environment.


A subsidiary of Klépierre

Steen & Strøm is a Scandinavian shopping center company, with 18 leading centers located in the most attractive marketplaces in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Our centers are visited by 90 million guests annually, and boast a total turnover of EUR 2.7 billion.

Steen & Strøm is a fully integrated subsidiary of Klépierre, Europe’s leading shopping center company. With over 150 retail facilities in metropolitan areas spanning 16 countries and a portfolio valuation of EUR 22.1 billion, Klépierre is Continental Europe’s specialist in shopping center properties.


Sustainable Property Investment

Our ambition is to be amongst the top performers in sustainable management of property investments in the Nordic Countries. We integrate sustainability into all our business operations because we believe it will provide a higher return.


Stor-Oslo Eiendom is an independent property developer focused on commercial and residential property in the greater Oslo region.

Established in 2001. We are developing more than 6 000 apartments and 150 000 sqm commercial property in attractive urban environments. Stor-Oslo is an organization of 35 employees with experience from M&A, financing, political lobbying, marketing/concept development, property development, project management and construction.


We plan and design communities for the future

Sweco plans and designs the communities and cities of the future. The results of our work are sustainable buildings, efficient infrastructure and access to clean water. With 14,500 employees in Northern Europe, we offer our customers the right expertise for every project. We carry out projects in 70 countries annually throughout the world.

Sweco is Europe’s leading architecture and engineering consultancy, with sales of approximately SEK 16.5 billion (EUR 1.7 billion). The company is listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm AB.


Veidekke is Norways largest contractor

Veidekke is Norways largest contractor and a leading Scandinavian contractor and property developer. Veidekke Property is principally involved in the development of housing for Veidekke’s own account and, to some extent, non- residential buildings in Norway and Sweden.

Through collaboration with Construction, Property is involved in active product development and creates rational housing concepts with a high living standard. This collaboration ensures good risk management and also opens up new business opportunities for Property. Our portfolio of sites equivalent to 13 000 dwellings in Scandinavia.


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