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Gullhaug Torg 2A

The main developer in Nydalen, Avantor, plans to develop a standout sustainable project for mixed use on Gulhaug Torg 2A.

Multi-use building in the center of Nydalen consisting of 18 floors, where the office part of the building is planned with pure natural ventilation. Nevertheless, the building will aim for zero-energy and have no need for purchased energy for ventilation, heating or cooling. An attractive combination of residential / office / outward business with innovative elements will attract attention end enable active and vibrant city life in the surrounding area.

The building will demonstrate that a green building can be made simpler and more robust than today. The building will possess qualities which compared to mechanically ventilated buildings, will mean lower maintenance requirements, less need for replacements/tenant adaptions, longer life and contribute to a better overall experience for the users.

About Gullhaug Torg 2A

Location: Nydalen
Developer: Avantor
Floor space building: 10 000 sqm
Architects: Snøhetta AS